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  • Keith Teo

Popular Latin Boy Band Menudo Releases Digital Membership Passes in First Foray into Web3

Miami, FL - On March 20 2023, the most successful, and forever evolving latin boy band, Menudo, announced its newest lineup, and with it, a new way to also revolutionize the way fans are rewarded, all by leveraging blockchain technology. Working together with FanMax, Layer C and Duo Studio, the boyband will be releasing a limited run of digital membership passes that will give fans access to exclusive rewards such as limited edition merchandise and early access tickets to upcoming concerts.

The first iteration of Menudo was established in 1977, and since then has launched the music careers of Ricky Martin and Draco Rosa, and more than 30 other members over the last four decades. The members are not the only things that the boy band is out to change. They want to change the way the industry rewards fans and build stronger relationships with fans beyond belonging to a physical fan club - all by taking the best of web3 technology and building a digital ecosystem of rewards that fans can exclusively own.

"We are thrilled to be working with our partners to launch Menudo’s digital membership passes," said Angel Zamora, General Manager of Menudo. "We know that our fans are passionate about our music, and we wanted to explore how blockchain technology could facilitate more meaningful relationships and to better give fans unique access to their idols in a secure way. The teams have been very helpful in educating us on the technologies and processes involved, right from the build to rollout. ”

The launch of Menudo's digital membership passes on the Polygon blockchain is set to take place on April 6, and the band is already generating buzz among fans and industry insiders alike, surpassing 3.1 million views on YouTube for their debut single, Mi Amore. Fans can visit Menudo's official website and social media pages to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments.

The drive to adopt blockchain technology stemmed from the need to protect the integrity of the memberships to minimizing fraud with scams, better track fan engagement and to allow for easy facilitation of future partnerships with other communities. This gives artistes and their fans a platform to bridge connections with technology under transparency of provenance, an environment of safety and trust.

“Leveraging blockchain technology we’re able to assure fans of artists like Menudo that what they’re getting is legitimately issued by the band, and protected from fraudulent activity, preventing problems like scalping or impersonation online,” says David Borgstrom, COO of FanMax. “Our go-to-market approach was also very intentionally considered for those new to the concept of NFTs, so it simplifies the entire process to make it accessible to as many fans as possible, whether or not they have prior web3 knowledge.”

Developed by Layer C, the digital passes are powered by Polygon, a fast and low-cost blockchain network, and utilizes email-based blockchain wallet Paper instead of commonly used blockchain wallets, avoiding the high barriers to entry of creating wallets and converting fiat to cryptocurrency.

Fans simply need to sign up for an account with their email address, purchase a membership pass with their credit card, receive their unique digital membership pass in their account, and then access the plethora of exclusive merchandise and experiences through Layer C’s platform.


About Menudo

Menudo is the most iconic latin boy band of all time, its new beginning is made up of five talented young men from different parts of the world. The band has quickly regained a large following thanks to their infectious energy and catchy pop tunes. Menudo's music is available on all major streaming platforms.

About FanMax

FanMax is a web3 music label that is leveraging blockchain technology to empower artists and enhance the fan experience. FanMax provides artists with a range of tools and services, including membership passes, NFTs, and social media marketing.


About Layer C

Layer C is a web3 consultancy that specializes in building consumer-facing products built on blockchain. Layer C provides a range of web3 services, including go-to-market strategy and execution, smart contract development, decentralized app development, and asset tokenization.


About Duo Studio

Duo is a social media marketing agency that specializes in helping brands connect with their audiences on social media. Duo provides a range of services, including social media strategy, content creation, and influencer marketing.



Name: Keith Teo, Cofounder of Layer C


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